Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break!

So, this week was Spring Break. I'll tell you about it...

Monday was pretty good. I worked on tailoring a jacket for a friend of mine, and for my Divine Nature project (which I now have finished!). I am pretty proud of myself for that jacket. It was a lot of work. Then, I went to breakfast at Ihop with some friends. I went to Freestone Park and walked for a while... it was just a pretty good day overall. oh, yeah. I went to work, too.

Tuesday was alright too. It started similar to Monday, But I got an x ray at work and they scheduled me to get my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. So... that wasn't that fun. OH! I hiked the Windcaves at Usery Mountain, too. That was a lot of fun. (:

Wednesday I finished up that jacket totally and then had my teeth pulled. It wasn't that bad. Just interesting. ha ha! the laughing gas was pretty fun, I'm not gonna lie.

So, for pretty much the rest of the week I didn't do much... Oh! I went with mom and Linda Garcia to see Repo Men. It was SO stupid. I would not recommend it. It was just bad.

I also sang a solo in church today... it wasn't that great because of my wosdom teeth, and it hurt a lot.

So, yes. That was my week...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ode to QT

So, as you all know. QT is the greatest place on Earth. And I just wanted to take a moment to honor this wonderful place. Everyday I look forward to the end of the school day when I can run to my car and go to QT on Lindsay and Baseline. My good friend, Tate, no longer works at that particular QT, but the expirience is still pretty nice. So, yes. Now you all know. I am in love with QT. Its tasty soft drinks and clean bathrooms are perfect. The 74 cent refills are wonderful. And I park in the same parking space everyday. I think that is pretty cool. In conclution..... QT= Happiness.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sad Times... but not really.

So, today was an interesting one. It started out pretty nice. School was fine. I didn't get any homework. But then.... I went to work. (in case you don't know I work at AZ Max. The same place Mom works). Anyways. I go into work and I was almost late so I was hurring really fast to clock in by 3. Do you know what happened then?? well, I'll tell you. I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR. Yeah, it was a sad time. This really funny, crazy lady that I work with came up to me and said, "Don't worry, Tara. I'll unlcok it for you." So she went out there with a coat hanger. She tried to get into the window, but my car is just supercool, and it is really hard to break into.... she failed.

I finally called mom to tell her. Everyone at work was telling me that I was gonna be in a lot of trouble, but they were wrong. Mom called the locksmith, came over to my work, and took me to Bahama Bucks. :). That's right.

I guess that this situation had some negatives and positives. I had to stay at work an hour longer than usual. But that also means I get 8 more dollars than usual. AND I got deliciousness to drink. so, yes. That is what happened today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Personal Progress

So, the General Young Women Presidency just made a new personal progress book. It's all the same stuff, along with the new value, virture, but in a smaller book. So... I thought that it would be cool if I did the whole thing again. I know... it seems silly, and I am not really sure why I am doing it again. But whatever. It has been decided. So, yes. I am working on that. I am almost done with Individual Worth, and Faith. But, that's what I am working on now. That picture is the new necklace that you get when you finish. It's pretty cool!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I recently applied for a scholarship called MedStart. It is a Summer program, so IF I get it I will be taking classes in Phoenix in June and July. The scholarship is for people who are interested in working in the medical field. And, yes, I am interested in working in the medical field, but no, I do not know exactly what I want to do, yet. I do know that I would like to work in a hospital and not at a private practice... It would be cool to be a doctor, but it takes about 12 years of schooling to do that, and I would also like to have a family, so that doesn't really work out. But, anyways. The classes are totally free. All I have to do is go to class, and do the work. I am not sure how many classes or how many credits. Pretty much I applied for it so I can get more college credit for free.

Just in case you don't know... I have a scholarship now called ACE. I started taking classes at Chandler-Gilbert Community College last summer. I have 9 credits right now, and a 4.0 gpa. I have spent something like 27 dollars on the whole thing. If you don't count gas I guess. I have taken CPD 150... I am still not exactly sure how to explain what that class is. It's like a class that teaches you how to go to school. It was kinda silly. We took notes for about a week on taking notes. I thought it was rather comical. English 101, and History 103. Right now I am taking English 102. So that means that my freshman English classes will be done!! That is pretty cool. You can't deny it.

Sick, Prison Break, and Homework.

So, I have been sick for the past week. I missed four days of school, and three days of work. It was no fun... Well, the being sick part was no fun, but I pretty much watched Prison Break ALL DAY. That part was quite enjoyable. I am pretty much addicted. Zack rented the first couple epidodes of the first season while he was here... and now I am half way through the third season. I would be done with the season, but Blockbuster doesn't have the dvd right now, so I have to wait.

But now that I am no longer sick I have to go back to school. I have a TON of makeup work to do. I am done with most of the stuff I got before the weekend, but I still have a lot of math to do because I need someone to explain it to me so I can actually do it right. So, yes. I am a little stressed out with all that junk AND having to go to work at the same time. I have never had to do that before... It will be interesting. :/